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Return to Open Science

New lab, new notebook, still open science.

I have received my first postdoc position with Dr. Hugh Smyth at The University of Texas at Austin in the Pharmacology Department. I’m super excited to be here and to start again doing open sciene in a new notebook.

I have been reading my former lab mate’s blog, Anthony Salvagno, and how he has been using WordPress as his new lab notebook. I signed up for an account here and will be using this area as my new lab notebook. Another inpirational open notebook scientist that uses WordPress as his lab notebook is Carl Boettiger.

Both Anthony and Carl have their own server where they have installed WordPress and use it as a database for their notebooks. I will be doing something different in that I am going to be using as my notebook. There are differences in both setups and while having your own installation of WordPresss and your own server gives you more advanced features, I am curious to see if this route is viable as a means to share my notebook.

With places like FigShare, Google Docs, YouTube, and Picassa, I’m sure I will be able to use this as a viable method for open science. We shall see if this little experiment works out using