Below is a list of all the student’s notebooks that I have worked with. Thanks goes out to them for giving ONS a chance and actively engaging the community.

Hugh Smyth

Hugh is the PI of the lab I work in. A big thanks goes out to him for trying out ONS.


My name is Andy Maloney and I am a postdoc in the lab of Hugh Smyth at the University of Texas at Austin. My background is as an experimental biophysicists with specialties in optics, microscopy, and experimental design. Click here to view my electronic resume. Dr. Smyth’s lab is focused on pharmaceutics, dry powder inhalers, and aerosol research.

The opportunity to work with Dr. Smyth in the field of aerosols and drug delivery has piqued my imagination/curiosity and has helped cement by belief that science should be interdisciplinary and not merely disciplinary.

cd ~ | ls

This website will be where I conduct open notebook science (ONS). Open Notebook Science is about conducting science in the open. You will find my open notebook science entries located in the above tab labeled ONS. For a more detailed listing of the topics I post about, please use the below category listings.

The postings are not formal and they are my own ramblings about the science I do in the lab. They are basically notebook entries that would normally go in a more traditional paper notebook, with no formal write-up.


Open notebook science

Entries that pertain to open notebook science can be found here. This category will be used for my comments on open notebook science and its future.

Particle-Surface interactions

Particles interact with surfaces in non-trivial ways, especially nanoparticles.This category will be about all projects that focus on the interactions of particles with surfaces.

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