ALP_medical devices project

I took the PVC tube that Damian and the others have been working on to get some fittings mounted to it on Monday, 10-01-2012. We ended up only having time to put a fitting in the center of the device such that the pressure gauge can mount to it. I have the gauge being checked to see if it will hold a proper vacuum and will have the end caps of the pipe fitted for direct mounting to the Asco valves we have.

Danielle, if you can be sure to help Damian have the vacuum pump working by Friday, that would be spectacular. This way we can check to see if the device will hold a vacuum or not.

In the mean time, I will order the parts necessary for proper pipe sealing, such as teflon tape and the RectorSeal T Plus 2 goop.

  1. #1 by daniellestolley on October 4, 2012 - 3:34 pm

    Hey sorry I had a super busy week/ have been sick all week ( not a good combo). I will go in tomorrow morning if you need me too and take a look at the gauge and pump and. I was unsure how we were going about mounting the gauge to the device, whether it was directly to the pvc or to a inlet pipe for the vacuum. ( for some reason my last update to the notebook didn’t go through and I did not notice until today)

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