Leveling the tapper

All our efforts have made the tapper quite a robust machine. Unfortunately, there are still problems with it that Damian pointed out in his last post on July 6, 2012. The issue is that the table on which the tapper sits is not level. This causes our measurements of the tapped powders to acquire a slant that is undesirable. This issue would instantaneously be fixed with a leveled optical table—of which I will follow Bill Hooker’s advice and crowd-source the funds for it—unfortunately, we don’t have one. So, I tried the next best thing which is a large piece of aluminum that is about 0.5″ thick and 2′ x 1.5′. It was the bottom support for an old circuit board maker that was made in West Germany in the 80’s. That’s right kiddos, West Germany. I will post pictures at a later date. Nonetheless, the support had tapped screw holes that I am using as a rough way to level the aluminum. I roughly leveled the plate and now need to populate it with the tapper. The unfortunately thing is that the plate does not have tapped hole, which means we will have to think of a way to keep all the components on it without moving. I bet magnets would work but I’m not sure they would work any better than the tape we are already using. Well, here’s to experimenting!

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