Open Science Article Repost

Michael Nielsen gave a great interview about open science. There are a bunch of links to interesting tools available for the open scientist that I should definitely look into. He even gave me and Steve Koch a nod.

I must admit that I find it overwhelming to see all the different tools that keep popping up everywhere that can be used for open science. This is a good and a bad thing in my mind. Good because it allows one to choose the method that they want to use in order to do some open science, and bad because there is no standard way of dealing with open notebook science and no unified repository where we can place our open notebooks, or even link to them. At some point in time I suppose this will change.

Even though open science is in its infancy, we still need to start thinking about how best to archive and advertise that a scientist is doing open science. And, as Michael’s interview suggests, there are starting to be a lot of people wanting to cater to open scientists. I think it’s now up to the open scientists to start talking to the sites that are attempting to offer us the tools we need to tell them exactly what we need and how best to serve open notebook science. After all, communication is the backbone of open science, why not start to communicate to the developers what we as open scientists need the tools to look/function like?



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